Past Projects

I create series of works based on themes that fascinate me or threads of research that I am compelled to follow. Find out the background and processes that led to the artworks being made via the links below.

Street Stories

Street Stories is a commission piece for the Leicester BID and Arch Creative city centre project to create augmented reality artworks, mine was inspired by the life and career of Sir Ken Pounds, that covers a vacant shopping premises in Leicester's Market Street

Sir Ken Pounds (HR 6819, 23+23, 4:4:2)




Soundscapes are paintings you can hear as well as see.


Each painting comes with a button built into the frame that operates a sound player and speaker, with a rechargeable battery, so you can hear the sound of the landscape 'soundwave' whenever you wish.

There is also available as a limited edition picture disc vinyl print that you can play the sound on your record player.



In Another Place

In Another Place is a commission piece for the Contemporary Visual Arts Network East Midlands and Leicester Print Workshop project to create a response to reflect an alternative view of the world. 

This double monoprint collage was the result.

I Love Leicester (Sally Rose Renner)



Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters is a commission piece for the University of Leicester art/scientist residency programme for British Science Week.

I was allocated to the Genetics Department and with the help of Dr Carlo Breda and Professor Flav Giorgini, I was introduced to the fascinating and life changing work undertaken with the DNA of fruit flies.

30D, 30N, 23+23, 2.0



Macro Views

Macro Views are a series of tiny landscape paintings I created after discovering a box of old glass slide photography plates.

This led to me creating tiny landscapes of wonder through the redaction and over-painting of the skies and the bodies of water to fit the pieces of glass, subsequently you are drawn close, closer, closer still, as you try to work out what, where they are, have you been there before, is that somewhere local?



Street Views

Street Views was a commission piece for L.O.V.E. Art Exhibition created on the glazing of the fabulous Curve theatre, facing Southampton Street.

From outside the street-scene is reflected back at you with the buildings blacked out by the installation. From inside the street scene is blacked out leaving only the asphalt of the road, the paving slabs and the sky soaring up from the horizon.



Media(n) Views

Media(n) Views is a series of famous landscape paintings recreated in silhouette on the screens of old television, computer monitors, laptops and mobile phones.

These are then programmed to run white noise, colour tests, and tuning signals to ensure the static black landscapes are always active and glowing.

The lure of the light emitting diode, the calming cathode tube and the distracting liquid crystal displays entrance the observer.



Public Views

Public Views is a series of postcard and poster over paintings that question the ownership of an image, the value of a reproduction and the originality of appropriation.

Each one is a famous artwork or public building, with the skies and the 'bodies of water' blacked out.

Huge expanses of rippling surfaces and mirror like dark expanses enhance elements of overlooked and put the subject into an other place.



Private Views

Private Views are a series of projection images of ethereal landscapes made by combining Rayleigh Scattered sky photographs with donated photography of peoples genital regions in silhouette taken from a worm's eye view.

Each one is named after the person who donated the image to create imaginary place names ensuring that the last thing you would think they were , were peoples crotches.

Originally a film piece projected large scale. Now available as giclée prints.



After Michael

After Michael is the next phase in the artistic development of Walker Evans’ photographic record of Alabama in 1936.

Re-photographed and re-created by Sherrie Levine in 1979 - re-named: After Walker Evans

Re-photographed and re-created by Michael Mandiberg in 2001 - re-named: After Sherrie Levine



Beneath the Surface

Beneath The Surface was a solo exhibition of 3D Prints / Sculptures and 2D Intaglio Prints and their Plates.

Is a study of negative space and the shapes and structure of Western consumerist society.

3D Prints/Sculptures of negative space casts formed from electronic household good packaging materials.



Facing Extinction

Artist and political activist, Gustav Metzger asked the question: “what are you going to do about extinction?”

‘Roll Call’ was my response to Gustav challenge – an installation composed of till roll receipt paper (rarely recycled), with a name and a measurement of the roll typed at eye level in ink using (extinct technology) a 1960’s typewriter.

Each till roll is named after a region of the world and the length in centimetres represents the number of species that are endanger of extinction in that region designated by Endangered Earth. 

1cm = 1 Endangered Species




DNA is a project that developed from research I had undertaken into the Radio Crystallography Diffraction X-Ray images of DNA taken by Rosalind Franklin that enabled the double helix molecular shape of the human DNA strand to be discovered. 

The project developed and mutated (no pun intended) into this series of non-genetically related art works (pun intended).



Music Series

Music Series is a selection of works created based on the perceptual phenomenon of synesthesia in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

I put my iPod on random shuffle, as soon as the music music starts, I select the surface, the tool(s), paint(s), colour(s) to use and then paint what the music made me see/feel.

Each one was finished when the song finished.




Assemblage is a project based on picking a point above my head and then building a free standing construction that reached that point. Simple?

I decided that all of the connections in the structure would be the opposite of a stable connection, using things like polystyrene, chewing gum, till roll paper and cassette tape as my binding materials. Using gravity and friction as my fixatives, no glue, no formal joints.

it worked!



Retrospective 9

Retrospective 9 was my first solo exhibition as an artist (I held a solo exhibition of my photography back in 1993 at the old Phoenix Theatre in Leicester in support of a short film called ‘No Space Shuttle’).

Retrospective 9 is literally that, a retrospective of my first 9 weeks at University studying my Fine Art BA Hons at the University for the Creative Arts.

Sculpture, Print, Painting and Drawing in the Crate Gallery.



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